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  • Design Process

    Design Process

Innovative production methods

At Ardagh Group we are committed to pioneering new packaging products and manufacturing processes. We are at the forefront of innovative production methods such as Draw and Wall Ironing (DWI), an advanced metal can-making process, which differs from traditional 3-piece manufacturing.

With DWI, the body and base are formed together in one piece via extrusion, which offers tremendous potential for down-gauging, bringing both financial and environmental benefits. DWI is available for all markets and is particularly suited for the production of cans where the height is greater than the diameter and for large production runs of the same specification.

Adding versatility and distinction to brands

The future of metal packaging

At Ardagh, we’re creating the future of packaging. We offer technology, expertise, innovation, a vast geographical spread and full end-to-end supply chain service. An example of this innovation is our highly acclaimed ‘next generation food can’; a packaging solution based on 10 years of research and development. Using nitrogen-dosing techniques, the can walls are 43% thinner, giving an overall material saving of 15% versus a standard industry food can.

We also offer a variety of opening solutions such as Easy Open®, Easy Peel® and OptiLift®. OptiLift® is an inventive can opening solution using a finger-well beneath the tab for easy opening. The key to the innovation is the flex panel; convex during the seaming process, it achieves automatic concavity after sterilization, without the need for mechanical manipulation. OptiLift® has a common lid and tab design and it also offers a material savings of 15%.

Customer service

Customer service

Our philosophy of continuous improvement extends to a superior level of on-site services to our customers worldwide. From 24/7 breakdown support and production line maintenance, to ongoing quality performance analysis and efficiency improvements, we work directly with customers to ensure our packaging performs above and beyond expectations.

We believe a partnership approach is essential in the development of both product and process innovation. We strive to add value and meet our customer aspirations to develop packaging that continually improves the consumer experience.

Cans offer a multitude of design options and an unrivalled performance through the supply chain

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